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Nutrient IV Therapy

  • Multi Vitamin Push 35ml  $72.00

Promotes overall health and wellness. Only 15 min!  

  • Vitamin C Push 35ml  $68.00

Promotes a healthy immune system, elevates energy and hydrates the body. Only 15 min!

  • Asthma Push 35ml  $96.00

Supports lung health, reduces mucus and inflammation. Prevents future asthma episodes. Only 15 min!

  • Resveratrol Push 35ml  $96.00

Promotes life-extension. The heart warrior and antioxidant. Only 15 min!    *Add resveratrol to other IV cocktails for only $58.00

  • Multi Vitamin aka Myer's Cocktail  255ml  $102.00 

Energize, hydrate and detox all at the same time. Takes only 45 min to revive!

  • Immune Support with Vitamin C  255ml  $102.00

Provides a healthy dose of Vitamin C to support your immune system. Helps protect the body from infections, and it’s strong antioxidant benefits can help prevent cancer. 

  • Hydration with Minerals 255ml  $68.00

Multi-Mineral Reviver. Restores essential minerals and electrolytes, hydrates immediately.

  • Extra Hydration with Minerals 500ml   $98.00

Double the hydration of our Multi-Mineral Reviver!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide IV 255ml   $96.00

Promotes healthy immunity. Helps fight infections such as cold, flu, sinus infection, and many more. Increases oxygen content of tissues, and helps reduce chronic inflammation.

  • Vision Support IV Therapy 274ml   $118.00

Provides the ideal nutrients for a healthy eye-sight. Nourishes the nerves and vessels located in the eyes to support and regain the health of your vision. 

  • Cardiovascular Support IV 276ml   $118.00

Supports a healthy heart function, strengthens vessel wall and promotes proper blood flow to vital organs.

  • Anxiety IV Therapy 281ml   $118.00

Supports a healthy nervous system function, helps bring balance to neurotransmitters in the brain leading to a more balanced mood.

*More IV cocktails available for your body´s needs