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Nutrient IV Therapy

  • Multi Vitamin Push 35ml  $72.00

Promotes overall health and wellness. Only 15 min!  

  • Vitamin C Push 35ml  $78.00

Promotes a healthy immune system, elevates energy and hydrates the body. Only 15 min!

  • Asthma Push 35ml  $96.00

Supports lung health, reduces mucus and inflammation. Prevents future asthma episodes. Only 15 min!

  • Resveratrol Push 35ml  $96.00

Promotes life-extension. The heart warrior and antioxidant. Only 15 min!    *Add resveratrol to other IV cocktails for only $58.00

  • Multi Vitamin aka Myer's Cocktail  255ml  $112.00 

Energize, hydrate and detox all at the same time. Takes only 45 min to revive!

  • Immune Support with Vitamin C  255ml  $118.00

Provides a healthy dose of Vitamin C to support your immune system. Helps protect the body from infections, and it’s strong antioxidant benefits can help prevent cancer. 

  • Hydration with Minerals 255ml  $72.00

Multi-Mineral Reviver. Restores essential minerals and electrolytes, hydrates immediately.

  • Extra Hydration with Minerals 500ml   $98.00

Double the hydration of our Multi-Mineral Reviver!

  • Hydrogen Peroxide IV 255ml   $102.00

Promotes healthy immunity. Helps fight infections such as cold, flu, sinus infection, and many more. Increases oxygen content of tissues, and helps reduce chronic inflammation.

  • NAD+ with Multivitamins IV Therapy  $167.00

NAD + levels decrease with age in various tissues which include the liver, skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, brain, kidney, pancreas, lungs, blood, skin and body fluids. NAD + has been shown to increase energy production, eye function, bone density and immune function.

* Additional 50mg of NAD + for only $ 51.00

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid Complex Therapy (PolyMVA)  $118.00

POLY MVA IV therapy has been very beneficial for chronic fatigue due to its energy production benefits as well as for aging, due to its regenerative benefits. It improves metabolic function and converts free radicals into a source of energy.

* 1ml of Poly MVA as an injection or additional 1ml to IV for only $ 39.00

  • Vision Support IV Therapy 274ml   $138.00

Provides the ideal nutrients for a healthy eye-sight. Nourishes the nerves and vessels located in the eyes to support and regain the health of your vision. 

  • Cardiovascular Support IV 276ml   $138.00

Supports a healthy heart function, strengthens vessel wall and promotes proper blood flow to vital organs.

  • Anxiety IV Therapy 281ml   $138.00

Supports a healthy nervous system function, helps bring balance to neurotransmitters in the brain leading to a more balanced mood.

*More IV cocktails available for your body´s needs