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Nourishing Injections

  • Glutathione Shot 400mg   $20.00

Strong Antioxidant, promotes brain and liver detox, helps reverse oxidative damage, provides anti-aging benefits. 

  • Taurine Shot 50mg   $15.00

Promotes a healthy cardiovascular function, decreases cholesterol, aids in eye health, and supports a healthy brain function.

  • Carnitine Shot 500mg   $16.00

Support fat metabolism, provides energy to muscles and heart, high carbohydrate diets will deplete Carnitine from your body.

  • Magnesium Shot   $18.00

Helps reduce muscle tension, migraines, asthma attacks and lowers blood pressure.

  • B-Complex Shot 2ml   $28.00

Provides energy, feeds the nervous system, helps relieve neuropathic pain.

  • Chill Out Shot   $39.00

Promotes fast relaxation, enhances focus, and balances mood. Can help lower blood pressure due to high stress.

  • B12 Shot   $19.00

Supports the nervous system, aids in energy production and metabolic function.

  • B12 MIC Shot 2ml   $24.00

Supports liver fat metabolism, aids in reversal of fatty liver disease and in inducing healthy lipids panel levels.

  • Folic Acid Shot  $16.00

Promotes healthy hemoglobin for anemic patients, supports healthy skin, hair and nails.

  • Testosterone Shot   $26.00

*Must Have Rx and Labs from our Doctor

Supports a healthy cardiovascular system, reduces fat, increases muscle, promotes mental quickness, better libido and improved mood.